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The Benefits Of Good Drainage

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Drainage Issues In Your Yard?

Even if flood water doesn’t enter your home, it can still cause damage. Does water collect in your yard after every heavy rain? You probably need proper drainage. Our team uses a variety of methods to safely move water away from where it can do the most harm. Don’t waste your time and effort digging and guessing. Fix this problem once and for all with the drainage experts at Lone Star Drainage.

Grate and Slot Drains

Poor drainage can lead to safety hazards and property damage. Grate drains and grate trench drains are excellent ways to move water away from problem areas. Our grates are safe to walk, drive, and bike over, making them perfect for residential properties. Another modern option are slot drains, which are useful in areas with heavy loads. Our team will help you find the perfect drain for your application.

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French Drains

If you keep finding wet spots in your yard, a French drain may be the perfect solution. This time-honored method takes water from an undesirable location — like the middle of your lawn or around your foundation — and deposits it in the city drains or your own rain barrel. A trench filled with rocks protects a pipe that will move water without getting filled with mud. These trenches can be hidden beneath a layer of sod.or filled with decorative rocks to add definition to your lawn.

Gutter Improvements

If people have to fight floods to reach an entrance, that’s a serious problem. Many homes have poor or nonexistent gutters. We can install a gutter drainage system that will keep feet dry and your family happy. Water can be deposited in a discrete location or piped into the municipal system. Let’s take a look at your current gutters and fix your problem!

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