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Retaining Walls and Masonry Work For Curb Appeal and Better Drainage

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The Benefits Of Retaining Walls and Masonry Work

Retaining walls and masonry work offer several benefits, from helping to control flooding to maintaining healthy soil. Here are a few of the many advantages of retaining walls.

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Retaining Wall Design and Installation

If you are looking for a practical way to upgrade your property, the installation of a retaining wall could be the answer.  Masonry work can serve as an attractive and functional addition to your home and protect your foundation and landscaping from damage due to flooding and erosion. However, a retaining wall must be skillfully designed and professionally installed to hold up throughout the years. If a retaining wall is installed incorrectly, it can cause numerous problems later.

Our team of drainage experts can design and install a long-lasting, professional-grade retaining wall to provide superior protection for your home. We can help you get started working on a solution to adequately drain excess moisture away from your home and safeguard your property.

Control Flooding

Professional Retaining Wall and Drainage Systems

Flooding can spell disaster for homeowners in areas prone to floods. If your home is located in an area with flood risks or you have issues with pooling water after heavy rainstorms, you might want to consider installing a retaining wall. With a retaining wall, you can control where water flows and successfully direct excess moisture away from your foundation. We install each retaining wall to provide superior protection for your home, with effective drainage that prevents damage and maintains the integrity of your landscaping.

Rely on our professionals to install your retaining wall and masonry work so you can rest assured that your home has protection from flooding.

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Maintain Healthy Soil and Reduce Costly Maintenance

With one of our retaining walls installed on your lawn, you can stop worrying about damage from flooding or heavy rain. Lone Star Drainage expertly installs retaining walls that will redirect standing water to prevent issues related to erosion. If you want to protect your garden or other areas of foliage, a retaining wall will keep standing water from compromising your soil and destroying your plants. You can even create your retaining wall to divert excess water into an eco-friendly collection system for later use.

With a strategically placed retaining wall, you can turn heavily sloped areas on your property into clearly defined flat surfaces. You’ll have a much easier time with yard work and activities like mowing and gardening. Turn your backyard into the ideal garden or create a lovely new space for a patio or seating area when you reduce and reshape potentially hazardous slopes. Lone Star Drainage understands what it takes to fortify sloped landscaping and can install high-quality retaining walls to increase safety and function.

While there are people who enjoy spending time working on various activities in their yard, others would rather use that time for leisure. If you are part of the latter crowd, you’ll be pleased to know that a retaining wall can reduce the time and expense associated with yard and lawn maintenance.

Boost Your Property Value and Increase Usable Space

A well-placed retaining wall offers numerous benefits for homeowners. Aside from protecting your property from water damage, a masonry work can add visual appeal and enhance the functionality of your yard or lawn. Steep slopes make it difficult to fully utilize your outdoor space. When you call us, we’ll install beautiful masonry work to transform unusable areas into enjoyable spaces for playing, entertaining, or relaxing. Increase usable space and make the most out of your yard or lawn by installing one of our retaining walls.

If there is a possibility that you will sell your property in the future, retaining walls with professional masonry work can prove to be a substantial monetary and aesthetic asset. Enhancing the exterior of your home with retaining walls could attract the eye of prospective home buyers and make selling your home easier and more lucrative. If your lawn has a series of natural slopes, clean masonry work can create a landscape centerpiece that can rival even the most exquisite flower gardens. Call us for your retaining wall installation.

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Serving Austin, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Professional installation ensures your retaining wall is optimally designed to handle the unique water flow needs of your property. Constructing a retaining wall that provides adequate drainage is no small feat, and it should be done by experienced professionals. At Lone Star Drainage, we are proud to provide top-quality drainage services in Austin and guarantee professional results every time.

Contact us to discuss your specific property issues and to learn more about how a retaining wall can protect, preserve, and enhance your home.